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Celebrating Everyday Spirituality

A Few Words about Complaining

Are you a complainer? Or do you follow of the rule: “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? Do you find yourself avoiding complainers? Or do you think complaining can be a good thing sometimes? To get help answering these questions, I’m turning to

Have you watched any of the episodes of “The Chosen”? It is a multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus. The show has received high praise in some circles (I like it!) and has garnered a vast audience all over the world. The series was created by Dallas Jenkins

Recently I watched an interview with Bishop Peter Storey, the former president of the Methodist Church of South Africa. Bishop Storey, who is white, lived under South Africa’s brutal system of apartheid. He worked closely with Bishop Desmond Tutu and others to dismantle apartheid. He was also involved in the

Good and gracious God, It’s February. I don’t mean to be disrespectful (after all, you are the Author of All time), But February is definitely not my favorite month of the year. On my worst days, I might even ask you, “What good is February?”— except that it’s the shortest

I was praying in my living room a few mornings ago, sitting comfortably in my chair with my journal on my lap, when all of a sudden out of nowhere a lone fruit fly showed up. “Where in the heck did you come from?” I asked incredulously. He (or she)

Most of us are probably familiar with the concept of “matching grants.” They can work in a variety of ways. If we contribute $100 to a non-profit like PBS, for example, they will sometimes have a company or donor who will match that donation. In other words, that company or

When we hear the word “penance,” we usually think of sacrifices we freely make for love of God: fasting during Lent, helping out at the parish fish fry, making a donation to the local food bank. But some penances seem thrust upon us by circumstances: working through difficulties in a

Today I’m offering you a short film (12 mins.) entitled “Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times.” It’s a British film by Marcus Markou. It tells the story of two men, seemingly very different from each other, who happen to meet five times over the course of several decades. I really,

Over the holidays, I attended a family gathering that included a potluck dinner. It made me realize anew how much I enjoy potlucks. First of all, I like the name: potluck. The very sound of it makes me smile. Say it aloud a few times: potluck, potluck, potluck. Isn’t it

If you’ve been a follower of this blog, you know I often stress the importance of hanging on to our sense of humor. So, as we face the beginning of a New Year, let’s take a break from all the heavy and serious things that may be weighing us down,

Meet Sr. Melannie

Hi and welcome to my blog! I’m Sister Melannie, a Sister of Notre Dame residing in Chardon, Ohio, USA. I’ve been very lucky! I was raised in a loving family on a small farm in northeast Ohio. I also entered the SNDs right after high school. Over the years, my ministries have included high school and college teaching, novice director, congregational leadership, spiritual direction, retreat facilitating, and writing. I hope you enjoy “Sunflower Seeds” and will consider subscribing below. I’d love to have you in our “sunflower community.” Thank you!

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