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Seeking God

If there’s one thing scripture tells us to do, it is this: Seek God! In Deuteronomy we read, “You shall seek the Lord, your God; and you shall indeed find him” (Deut. 4:29). Similarly, the psalms talk about seeking. “One thing I ask of the Lord; this I seek: to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life” (Ps. 27:4). The prophets too tell us to seek: “Seek the Lord while he may be found” (Is. 55:6).

A good question to ask ourselves on a regular basis is this: are we seekers of God? If so, where do we seek God? If we seek God in silence and solitude, do we also seek God in noise and crowds? If we seek God in Church, do we also seek God in our home, at work, in the grocery store, while driving on the highway? If we seek God in prayer, do we also seek God in service.

In their book Compassion, McNeil, Morrison, and Nouwen write that service is not just an expression of the desire to bring about change, “Service is an expression of the search for God.”

Do we seek God by seeking to change unjust structures and institutions? If so, that is praiseworthy—as long as we are simultaneously trying to change ourselves. We can begin this change with small steps. By being more patient with our spouse, children, grandchildren. By refusing to spread gossip at work. By driving less frantically. By reflecting honestly on our daily behavior and choices. By speaking with individuals whose political or religious views are different from our own. By regularly appraising our level of selflessness.

Jesus told us to seek. “Seek and you shall find” (Mt. 7:7). And, “Seek first the Kingdom of God” (Lk. 12:31). Jesus also told many parables about seeking. He told stories about people seeking valuable pearls, lost coins, wayward sheep, a net full of fish, and a father’s forgiveness. In most of these parables, Jesus portrays God as the Great Seeker. In other words, Jesus is saying that God seeks us more than we seek God! In that great truth lies our hope and salvation!

I’ve always liked what the psychologist Carl Jung had carved above the entrance to his home: “Summoned or not summoned, God will be there.”

Are you seeking God? If so, where and how?

Have you ever experienced God seeking you? What was that experience like for you?

Have you ever found God where you didn’t expect to find God?

Our song is “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God” which many of you probably know. This beautiful version is sung a cappella.

PS: Happy Independence Day to all my American readers for the 4th of July!

Would you like to respond to this reflection? If so, you are most welcome to do so below:

10 Responses

  1. Have you ever experienced God seeking you? Yes……your blog. What was that like? I feel blessed and want to go out and be a blessing to others.

  2. Good morning, Melannie!
    As I type these words, the beautiful song you picked is playing in the background, so thank you for that. When I think of that word “seek,” I think of moving through this grand world of ours with our eyes wide open, being mindful of just a glimpse of God. Moses was not allowed to see God’s face; nevertheless, he was allowed to see God’s glory passing by. That’s us, our world. God’s glory is always passing by. There it is! Just turning the corner! No, here it is, the unexpected delight of the smell of wild roses!

  3. What a beautiful reflection Sr. Melannie!

    I like the reflection that God is seeking us even more then we are seeking God. That is comforting in these turbulent times.

    I find God seeking me often when I am in prison ministering to the residents inside. From the moment I register at the front desk with the correction officers, through the barbed wire fence, and until we greet the men, I see God everywhere.


  4. Good morning!

    Thank you, Sr. Melanie, for gifting us with your thoughtful and prayerful reflections each Monday morning. As I ponder today’s gem of seeking God, I am reminded of the two way relationship between God and myself. The more I seek God, the more He seeks me, especially through the people He puts before me who are in need. It is a remarkable connected web of love, going out of and coming into my life. I am grateful for all of the richness of knowing Him and sharing in His love.

  5. I found God unexpectedly last April at Andre House in Phoenix, AZ. My husband and I had accepted an impromptu invitation from an old friend to go and see where he was volunteering and to attend their Thursday morning Mass prior to the shelter opening it’s doors to the masses of homeless gathered on the streets outside. In that 30 minutes of praying with a small group of volunteers around a table in the kitchen of a homeless shelter, I experienced God in a way I had never anticipated. As we passed the bread and wine to one another, I was transported back in time to an early church community where all were truly one and in communion with each one another. I was seeking God because He first sought me.

  6. I often seek God through my passion for amateur astronomy. When I gaze at the heavens through my telescope, I discover God’s fingerprints in His magnificent creation and power.
    I was recently aware of God seeking me when my friends and I went to perform a local jail ministry. As one of my friends was sharing a story with the inmates, I realized God called me there so He could speak directly to me through that story. I was amazed and humbled that God knew I needed that confirmation of His love! Bless you, Sister, and all your readers!

  7. Sr Melanie
    What a beautiful reflection and how very true. Thank you for sharing this with us a good reminder indeed. I to totally feel blessed in seeking God in service and the people I encounter. God Bless the work you do.

  8. I associate seeking with the word journey. I strive to find God in the people I encounter, the work I do, the music ministry I’m blessed to be a part of and my observations of the daily beauty & blessings I see each day. Ive often strayed off the path on my journey through life but God has always placed “signposts” along the way that put me back on the right road.

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