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Celebrating Everyday Spirituality

“Gone Fishin'”

Just a reminder: there is no new post for today. I’m giving myself a little break. My next post will be next Monday, August 13th. If you’re missing Sunflower Seeds too much, I suggest you go to “Search” on the lower right, type in a topic or a Monday date (including the year) and see what comes up…

Thank you so much!


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  1. Sister Melannie,
    Just a note of thanks. I utilized your ‘Letter to a Friend’ (7/30/18) for my homily this past weekend, to show the connection between God’s love for us (Divine Love) and how we are to share that love with others. Thanks for the inspiration. Best, Jim, Deacon at Sacred Heart Parish, Pullman, WA

    1. Dear Jim, Thank you for letting me know that the “Letter to a Friend” inspired you to share your thoughts on God’s love in your homily. I’m always happy to see the Holy Spirit at work like this. Blessings on you and your ministry in Pullman, WA! Melannie

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Hi and welcome to my blog! I’m Sister Melannie, a Sister of Notre Dame residing in Chardon, Ohio, USA. I’ve been very lucky! I was raised in a loving family on a small farm in northeast Ohio. I also entered the SNDs right after high school. Over the years, my ministries have included high school and college teaching, novice director, congregational leadership, spiritual direction, retreat facilitating, and writing. I hope you enjoy “Sunflower Seeds” and will consider subscribing below. I’d love to have you in our “sunflower community.” Thank you!

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